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This page shows couple of each of the "types" of bowls that I do
and has links to the rest of the bowls of each type

When I first started making bowl blanks out of laminated wood, I tried numerous styles and this one so pleased me
that I made a couple of dozen of these before moving on to try some of what you see down below.

A characteristic of these bowls that is not shared by any of my other sytles,
is the existance of what I call "omega" curves (because they look like
the Greek letter omega) in the inside of the rim.

n033, diameter 7", on hold while finish is reworked

n061, diameter 9", SOLD

to see all available bowls of this type => C1

The style of this set is flat vertical outer rim with a gently sloping inside.

n044, diameter 7", $65.00

n062, diameter 9 1/2", $190.00

to see all available bowls of this type => C2

These all have vertical inner AND outer rims and a flat bottom.
I don't make very many of these because I do not enjoy the turning
precision required at the joint of the flat inside and the inner rim.

n025, diameter 8 3/4", $190.00

n076, diameter 8", SOLD

to see all available bowls of this type => C3

These are a fairly "standard bowl" shape --- pretty much the kind of shape
people think of when you say "bowl", although shallower than many bowls.

b147, diameter 9", $125.00

c167, diameter 9", SOLD

to see all available bowls of this type => C4

This style has a fluted and undercut rim, that I find REALLY pleasant. When I first started
turning this sytle I was not sure I would make very many of them because of the extra
work it takes to make the more complicated fluted and undercut rim, but now that
I've made a few and have gotten the hang of it, I'll continue to make more
of them, especially since I really LOVE the way they look.

c125, diameter 7 1/2", $125.00

n068, diameter 10", $250.00

to see all available bowls of this type => C5

The outer rim of these bowls is a double flat edge at more or less right angles
to each other, and then an inside that is either gently curved or sometimes
with an additional flat inner rim and then a flat bottom.

Although the flat bottom / flat inner rim style is just as tedious as the
flat bottom / vertical inner rim of style C3 above, I like the results
more on this type so intend to continue making more of them.
This style is one of my favorites.

b153, diameter 9", SOLD

c144, diameter 9 1/2", $325.00

to see all available bowls of this type => C6

These are what I call my "platter" style. The outer portion of the rim is relatively wide and flat.
Although many of these have turned out to be quite attractive, the sytle is perhaps my least
favorite and I don't make many of them. The first one of these that I ever turned
(N18, seen here) was so spectacular that I expected to do many more
of them but they have not grown on me as I expected them to.

b146, diameter 9", SOLD

n018, diameter 10 1/2", SOLD

to see all available bowls of this type => P1

These are examples of what started off being "dried flower holder" bowls. Some of them have holes
drilled in the top to allow the insertion of dried flowers. Originally, I had intended to drill them all but
some folks preferred them without the holes, so now the holes are optional. These two don't have holes.

f102, diameter 5 3/4", $50.00

f105, diameter 4 1/2", SOLD

to see all available bowls of this type => F1

These "goblet" style turnings are not really "bowls", but I don't feel like
advertising my turnings as "bowls and goblets" so I'm calling them bowls
anyway by gum and that's my story and I'm sticking with it!

These are usually made by gluing up a center of soft mahogany and other disposable
soft wood such as okoume and then putting complex exotic wood laminations around that.
Upon turning, the center pretty much goes away except for a bottom of mahogany.
Some of these have straight vertical inner and outer rims, most have curved inner and outer rims.

g005, diameter 7", SOLD

g008, diameter 7 1/2", $190.00

to see all available bowls of this type => G1

On rare occasions, I'll make a bowl out of a single wood or just a few woods, such as these

g004, diameter 6 1/2", $95.00

s003, diameter 7", SOLD

to see all available bowls of this type => M1