Laminated wooden bowls, priced as shown.

Each bowl will be shown on an overview page (selected below by price or style) in three views:
a silhouette view, a top view and a bottom view. You can then view individual
bowls in more detail by clicking on one of the sample images.

You have the choice, when viewing a new bowl page, of having that page come up in a new window
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The choice is made by where you click. If you click on a bowl image, you get a new page
but if you click on a bowl number you get the same page.

My thanks to Paul Moreman for suggesting that I allow separate pages so that different bowls
can be easily compared by opening both of their pages simultaneously.

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a sampling of the
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composite images of each "type" are also shown further down this page

some of my personal favorites

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"candy dish" type 1

omega curves inside the rim
(# bowls = 51)

"candy dish" type 2

straight vertical sides and a gently sloped interior
(# bowls = 3)

"candy dish" type 3

rim is vertical inside and out, interior is flat
(# bowls = 7)

"candy dish" type 4

sloping interior and exterior
(interior bottom may be flat or curved)
(# bowls = 35)

"candy dish" type 5

fluted, undercut rim
(# bowls = 29)

"candy dish"type 6

two flat surfaces on rim, angled out to a sharp outer rim
(# bowls = 21)


(# bowls = 12)


outer rim has a flat upper surface
(# bowls = 5)

composite image of sample bowls still to be added for this type
"dried flower holder"

(# bowls = 4)

composite image of sample bowls still to be added for this type
"miscellaneous, generally non-laminated"

(# bowls = 4)

composite image of sample bowls still to be added for this type
"utilitarian (candle holders, etc)"

(# bowls = 0)