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N67 --- $95.00 --- this is the orientation view --- more pics down below

diameter: 8 3/4"
height: 2 1/4"

finish: one application of natural stain then 2 coats of high gloss spar polyurethane (with UV blocker)


base: American black walnut

view 1: the outer lamination from the top: redheart, hard maple veneer, cocobolo, hard maple veneer, African blackwood (with sapwood), walnut. That lamination is backed by hard maple veneer, aromatic red cedar, then a wedge of paela, bloodwood, BOX

view 2: curly red maple, paela, ebony veneer, hard maple veneer, ebony veneer, paela, canary. On the bottom there is a thin piece of lacewood under the paela/veneer lamination

view 3: sapele, bubinga, cocobolo (with a piece of aromatic red cedar under the right side), African mahogany, BOX

view 5: sapele, thick birch veneer, purpleheart, BOX

view 7: redheart, cowtree, bloodwood, sapele, all over mahogany, then African mahogany, BOX

view 8: afrormosia, canary

BOX: top is redheart and below that is wenge which is mirrored at the bottom. Left and right are ? (basswood?). Middle is goncalo alves over bloodwood sided by canary over ? (machiche?)

flaws/issues: The cedar in views 3/4 has a crack that you can see/feel at the bottom of the rim, but it's minor. The left side of the purpleheart in view 5 has some small edge chipout on the bottom side and a less than perfect joint on the top side that is not particularly obvious visually but is evident to the fingernail and has caused me to set the price lower than I otherwise would (I really dislike poor joints, although they do occur sometimes in these bowls, due mostly to my use of woods of highly different characteristics right next to each other). Some of the colors are slightly less bright than they were when the bowl was new (many years ago)

MAJOR FLAW: There is a noticeable separation at the right side of the cocobolo in view 3. It does not stand out visually, but it is very evident to the touch. Because of this I have reduced the price on the bowl even further ($145 to $95).

comments: Very nice, smooth curve on the rim, with a corresponding undercut and a relatively small center area, making for a very nice appearance. The purpleheart is less vibrant in color than I had hoped for, but that happens sometimes with purpleheart; it doesn't look BAD in any way, just not spectacular, and it is lightly chatoyant. The African mahogany in views 3 and 7 are both nicely chatoyant as is the afrormosia in view 8. The red maple in view 2 is not as yellow as it appears in the pics.

In view 2, the 2 pieces of paela sandwiching a lamination, turned out to be an exceptionally nice combination

view 8a

views 1c and 1d

view 2b

view 1c, first as the bowl blank, then raw (fresh off the lathe), then with an application of natural stain, then as the finished bowl