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The presentation to which this handout is attached can be seen here: WOOD ID PRESENTATION DECK I noticed that it does not present well in I.E. but is OK in FireFox. It does not present at all in Chrome and I haven't tested it in any other browsers. If you were not at the presentation, the slide deck will sometimes not make much sense because it doesn't show any of the things I said during the presentation.

general wood ID sites end grain close-up reference sites other web sites (these are clickable links) recommended grits for sanding (higher and lower ends may not be necessary in any given case). wood ID books (and more are listed in the first link in the paragraph above this one) equipment Wood Samples (These three all supply very good samples) My bowls: if you know anyone who might buy segmented bowls (perhaps as a present for someone at Xmas) please let them know about my bowls:

Wood Poster: 240 woods illustrated and with common names: (and I encourage you to check out the "back story" also linked to on that page)

Veneer: if you need any veneer for laminated projects of jewelry box type projects let me know about bulk or contrast wood needs at (particularly nice pieces are individually pictured at Jewelry Box Veneers: )

Wood Name Database with 26,000+ species names with a total of 140,000+ common names, coming from over 3,800 genera (320+ families). Currently this requires "installation", which has proven problematic on some systems, so I'll be putting out a no-installation version soon: