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C141 --- $95.00 --- this is the orientation view --- more pics down below

diameter: 9"
height: 2 1/4"

finish: one application of natural stain then 3 coats of high gloss spar polyurethane (with UV blocker)


base: aromatic red cedar

view 1: bocote, redheart, flaky white oak, cypress, BOX

view 2: cocobolo, aromatic red cedar, BOX

view 3: zircote (with lots of sapwood), bocote over black ash, yellowheart, BOX

view 5: curly soft maple, BOX

view 7: zircote (started with lots of sapwood, ended up with ONLY sapwood), bocote over black ash, yellowheart, BOX

view 8: hard maple, cocobolo, aromatic red cedar

BOX: lower section: cocobolo sided by osage orange sided by bubinga. Upper section: paela sided by padauk sided by canary

flaws/issues: the cocobolo in view 8 has a small but very visible crack plus a slight indentation where the top of the rim was not fully turned down. There is a very slight misalignment of the tops of the two pieces of cocobolo in the very center of the BOX (the sharp point where they come together). The flat upper portion of the rim has a barely noticeable ripple in its surface due to chisel chatter --- I did not become aware of this until I had the bowl off the lathe. It is so light that it is noticeable to the touch only in the zircote of view 3 and had I not mentioned it, it's likely you wouldn't even have noticed it, but I try to mention EVERYTHING that is out of the ordinary in these bowls so there will be no surprises if you buy one. In that vein, I have to also mention that the finish has an imperfection along the inside left area where I allowed (unknowingly) a buildup of the finish which is noticeable if you look for it.

LATER: some of the colors have darkened just slightly but no enough to really reduce the visual impact of the bowl. It's still basically what you see is what you get but because of all the issues mentioned, I've dropped the price from $125 to $95.

comments: Hmmm ... one of those rare instances when I lost track of what I was doing and ended up glueing up a totally symmetrical bowl blank. Fortunately (from MY point of view at least) it is saved from total symmetry but the facts that (1) the hard maple turned completly off in view 2 but left a small section in view 8, and (2) the zircote in view 7 is only sapwood whereas that in view 3 has some heartwood

The soft maple in view 4 shows some nice ray flakes on both the inside and outside at the point of maximum curvature. The ray flakes in the oak of view 1 show up really well and I wish I had used a wider piece. The paela in the upper section of the BOX is a weak color for the species. All of the cocobolo is a very dark purple variety (these particular pieces come from Guatamala). Both pieces of bocote have a very nice dense grain pattern. Both pieces of zircote ended up with too much sapwood (in view 7 it's ONLY sapwood).

The outer edge of the flat rim is about as sharp as I allow edges to be on my bowls; it has just a slight bevel. The reason for my dislike of sharp edges is twofold: first, they dent easily and thus make the bowls more fragile than I am comfortable with and second, when the bowl is on the lathe, sharp edges can cut my fingers and in fact that did happen (rather trivially) with this bowl before I beveled that edge in the final on-lathe sanding.

views 1c and 5d

views 6a and 7b

view 1c as the bowl blank and then as the finished bowl