I have not tried to reasearch this story to see if it's true, because the literal truth of the story isn't the point. The point is to find your dream and follow it. The story is this:

An interviewer once asked Picasso what he would do if he were not a painter.

Picasso thought for a moment, and based on his answer you have to belive he must have been thinking not about what the answer was but about how anyone could ask such a question. What he said was this:

No ... there isn't anything else. I'm a painter. I paint with oils, but if you took my oils away from me, I would paint with watercolor. If you took my watercolor away from me I would paint with crayons and if you took the crayons away, I would draw with a pencil, and if you took away the pencil and threw me in a jail cell, I would bite my finger and paint on the wall in blood, because that's what I do.