Various sets of pics from my Phoenix trip

panoramic views
misc wide-angle views (stitched multiple pics)

ran into a few here and there

ran into LOTS everwhere

architectural styles of the area
both high rent and regular houses in the neighborhood

Chez Enriquez
Kim promised me she would be mortified if I posted pics with all
the clutter plus the dead things on the walls, so here it all is
plus lots of shots around the front and back of the house

Lovely Lucy

Marvelous Mackensie

Kim / Art / Susie / Tim / me
the rest of us in various combinations and with various foolish expressions
but you should SEE the ones I DIDN'T post !!!

The only other pics I have are the remaining ones from my walk in the desert and up the hill but I don't plan on bothering with them, so this is it!