My new 200X microscope. In normal use it's configured exactly as you would expect with a microscope but
because that doesn't suit wood samples, I built a little holder so that it can be easily used with wood samples.

#1 is a section of my own highest-magnification pic of a piece of "Amazon rosewood" (species unknown). It is 1cm wide and shown full size, which is about 12X
Note that you can just barely make out some rays and although you can clearly see the general shape of the pore areas and parenchyma, you can't see any detail really.

#2 is a 1cm wide pic of the same piece through my new microscope, shown at 10% (full size is 40X)

#3 is a .2cm wide pic of a section (as shown) of the same piece, also shown at 10% (full size is 200X)

Now, clearly, the new microscope pics show more detail. BUT ... they are shown at 10%

Take a look at them half size (which will lead to full size)

At the full magnification of 200X, the resolution is not perfect but hey, neither am I.