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N75 --- $95.00 --- this is the orientation view --- more pics down below

diameter: 10"
height: 2 3/4"

finish: one application of natural stain then 4 coats of high gloss spar polyurethane (with UV blocker)


base: makore

view 1: aromatic red cedar, padauk over canary over an oak thin, cowtree, black ash, BOX

view 2: walnut, padauk, mahogany (or sapele?), BOX

view 3: white oak, jatoba, oasage orange, sycamore, BOX

view 4: osage orange, english brown oak, red oak, bubinga, BOX

view 5: african blackwood over paela over eucalyptus, osage orange, ipe, padauk, BOX

view 6: redheart, bocote, paela, all sided by redwood, pine, bocote

view 7: bloodwood, curly maple, osage orange, dark cocobolo, sycamore, BOX

view 8: sliky oak over paela, dark cocobolo, pine, BOX

BOX: at the top is canary sided by ebony veneer sided by chechem sided by osage orange. Below the canary is bloodwood over wenge over redheart over paela over ebony veneer over canary. Angling off from the bottom canary is yellowheart then ? (light tan) then machiche.

flaws/issues: There is a minor separation of the joint running up the right middle of the BOX that is quite noticeable if you catch the light right, but does not really detract from the beauty of the bowl as you can see in view 1c below (the separation can JUST be detected as a darker line on the right of the right-hand piece of canary in the middle of the BOX). Still, because of it, I've reduced the price from $150 to $95.

LATER: most of the yellow woods have faded or darkened, so the bowl is not as brightly colored as is shown in the pics, which were taken years ago.

comments: The curly maple in view 7 is much more curly on the bottom than the top. The walnut in view 2 has a terrific grain pattern. The silky oak in view 8 has beautiful ray flakes. Lots of really colorful and attractive wood in this one --- one of my better bowls and would be priced higher were it not for the separation in the BOX. I should also note that this bowl has more heft than most of my bowls; this particular shape retains a lot of wood.

views 1c and 1d

views 1b, 3b, 5b, and 7b

view 1c as the bowl blank and then as the finished bowl