Alexandria Meadowlark Hinds

Graduation from St. John's College
May 15, 2010

The program. Note that while many graduation ceremonies include a playing of the national anthem,
this is the only one where they get to point out that it was composed by one of their graduates.

general layout of the lawn area

It was a bright sunny day and the outdoor ceremony was really wonderful. The graduating class was right at 100 people, plus another 2 dozen or so from the graduate academy so it was a relatively small and personal affair, as such things go. The graduates were all cheerful but restrained and neatly groomed. There were no funky signs on the top of mortar boards or anything of that sort so it all had the atmosphere of a somber and professional occasion, yet cheerful at the same time and made even more so by the sunny outdoor setting. There were young kids gamboling on the lawn and people (myself included) wandering here and there taking pictures so it also had the tone of a family picnic. The 5-piece brass ensemble play very subdued tunes that went well with the occasion.

practice the day before; audience chairs not yet set up


more practice

just before the ceremony and the beginning of the processional down to the seating area

more processional and the brass band

the end of the processional line. The anchor is President Nelson

ending the processional at the seating area

opening remarks by the President Nelson

Awaiting the first grad to the stage. President Nelson and the other fellow seem happy to see them coming, but the guest speaker looks like a bit of a sourpuss

Well, the guess speaker looks happier now that it's his turn to speak. He is Warren Winiarski, a famous Napa Valley vintner who played a major role in making the best American wines be, and become recognized as, the equal of French wines. He is a St. Johns graduate (a "Johnnie" as they call themselves) with an interesting life story but sad to say he is a poor composer of graduation speeches and even worse at delivering one. He tried to be inspiring but wasn't.

random side shot of the ceremony and a pic of a signer who was there for some of the audience.

In line to get her hood

Getting the hood and about to shake hands with President Nelson

Alexandria hooded and about the shake the President Nelson's hand and get her diploma, and then just after. My camera chose that particular moment to take longer than expected between pictures, so I missed the actual presentation.

just more of the presentation

Alexandria, after returning to her seat, checking to see if they
spelled her name right on the diploma. Yep, OK, they did.

Just more pics 'cause hey, I had to be doing SOMETHING !

Just more pics 'cause hey, I had to be doing SOMETHING !


I'm not good at sitting down, so I took more pics

beginning the processional at the end of the ceremony

more processional

Alexandria and partner Dave

The happy graduate

With proud dad

Alexandria and Margie; the one who got the education and the one who paid for it.

Three generations of Weyant women; Anna, Alexandria, Margie,
all of whom are college graduates and two of whom have Advanced degrees,
and with high expectations for the third.

Ellen (Margie's sister), Alexandria, Margie, Anna (Margie's mom)

more of the happy graduate

This panormaic view from the rear of the presentation platform down down the lawn towards the other end where the reception was taking place does a VERY poor job of showing the hundreds of people milling about during the reception which was a very pleasant affair where we got to meet several of Alexandria's turtors and friends.

Our gang relaxing at the edge of the reception

Alexandria and partner Dave

The End